Belong: The Rebirth of the Internet Cafe

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Belong Glasgow

The idea of an Internet Cafe is nothing new but popular gaming store Game has decided to breath some life into the concept. Now in locations across the UK, you will find Belong, in Glasgow you will find Belong alongside a regular game store on Union Street outside Central Station. Belong Glasgow is home to 16 gaming stations, each with a PS4 Pro, an Xbox One S and a high spec gaming PC. They also offer VR experiences with an HTC vive that have various VR games to choose from. You can purchase snacks and drinks too, with a varied selection including American candy and drinks as well as your usual snacks. One thing to remember is that the usual gaming restrictions apply so if you are under 18 you will not be able to play games restricted to 18 years or older, if you are older than this play on the safe side and bring some ID.

Across the UK these Belong stores are referred to arenas and each arena has a tribe. These tribes are set up as a way to create competition between the locations, the tribe in Glasgow is called the Clyde Claymores and to associate with this name the arena has been named The Armoury. The Arena hold qualifying nights throughout the year, for games such as Overwatch, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and League of Legends.  The qualifying nights will decide if you move on to the ArenaClash. This is where Arenas from across the UK play against each other for prizes. The winners will get cash and the knowledge that they are the best in the UK.

If you are planning a birthday party or even just want to have a gaming night with all your friends, you can rent out the Arena. You can have all 16 gaming stations for three hours on a weekday for £150 or for £200 on a weekend. If you are planning on renting out the Arena you can contact the store and they can help you organise a time that will work out the best.

Below you will find the prices for Belong across the UK, please note that the Glasgow store prices are currently cheaper than advertised since they do not have the super high speed internet installed yet. When it is installed, prices will return to normal.

1 Hour Arena Play = £5

2 Hours Arena Play = £8

6 Hours Arena Play = £15

8 Hours Arena Play = £20

10 Hours Arena Play = £25

10 minute VR experience = £5

30 minute VR experience = £15

It is fair to note that this whole idea is not anything particularly unique as cafes like this exist across the world. The main difference here is the infrastructure that Belong are building to create a network of these Arenas across the UK. Competitive gaming has come a long way in the past ten years and this is a smart move by Game to cash in on this growing market. This is something that will continue to develop as competitive gaming evolves and becomes more mainstream. If you want to grab a glance of what is to come, head on down to Belong on Union Street and if you are interested in a bit of competition go for one of the qualifying nights.

For more information on Belong and the Clyde Claymores check out their webpage, follow them on twitter @BelongGlasgow or head on into the shop and have a chat.


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